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Spectrum Corporation is a leader in Unified Contact Center Reporting (UCCR). UCCR is a process of drawing out real time and historic data from contact center applications, changing that raw data into info and publishing that info in useable reports for all levels of the contact center. The reports are seen on dashboards, LCD screens, desktops, wallboards, web based reports, email and mobile phones.

IVR - Interactive Voice Actions. IVR is the 'meanwhile function' that looks after callers before/after they are connected to the appropriate representatives. Before the system becomes totally operational, the group produces an IVR scenario, including a welcoming message, a menu of service prompts to select from, in addition to waiting queue protection.

Cisco Unified Contact Center Demo Overview

Rapidly and easily gather essential signs - such as average hold time, percent responded to vs. deserted, longest time to respond to, and far more! Our virtual call center provides you tracking and reporting of these crucial metrics, and lets you get back at more granular by defining which date varieties and call queues you want to analyze. You can also quickly export to spreadsheet format for review.

ShiftPlanning immediately uses any and all variables to produce each private schedule within seconds, eliminating the lost earnings and hours previously invested in carrying out the task by hand. ShiftPlanning is developed to get rid of manufactured mistakes that cost business millions in lost profits annually. In a work environment as varied and needing as much multi-tasking as a call center, ShiftPlanning instantly gets rid of unneeded overtime and unforeseen personnel lacks.

Time is loan in any company, but this is especially real for those who manage a call and own center service. Scheduling work shifts and managing your call center agents can present quite the difficulty and take up big blocks of time.

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