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For laminate flooring, the choice on which direction to run your floors is entirely yours. When choosing the instructions of your laminate floors, there are 2 ideas you ought to consider.

5. Identify the direction of the planks.

Keep a consistent temperature level in the home between cold and warm periods.

The primary step in the flooring setup process is to PREPARE the location for the project. This includes moving furnishings, removing any existing carpet, wood, laminate or other existing floors. Next, level your sub-floor. Leveling the subfloor includes grinding down the high areas in the subfloor and including self-leveling adhesive to the low spots. If the floor is unequal, this is a MUST. Avoiding the subfloor leveling can produce problems in the setup procedure and can void the product service warranty in case something happens to your brand-new floors.

Clean brand-new floors regularly.

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