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If you 're planning on utilizing JavaScript in the coding of your website, you should take special care to store the codes in an .JS outside file format. This permits the search engine spiders to immediately find, process and assess, how useful your site content is without having to scan through an entire set of Javascript codes.

Even saved images and video files in your server can present the opportunity to increase in the standings, so be sure you're consistently saving files with key words. For example: If you have an image in your website dealing with weight reduction, like a before-and-after photograph, be sure to include a relevant key word in the name when you save the picture.

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Be descriptive with all your links, be they video, banner ad, text, or graphics. No one will be interested in clicking a link that just says "Click me." They want to know what they are getting themselves into! Using your key words in the description can also bump you up on the search engine lists, therefore it is a win-win!

One way to get excellent search engine visibility will be to model your website after a site. Sites are quite powerfully optimized for search engines due to their big amount of links within the site, the fresh content they supply and the number of pages and headers in which to put keywords.

Use a static URL instead of a dynamic URL to improve your search engine optimization efforts. Dynamic URLs often are not indexed by common indexing tools, making it harder to get position in search results with a dynamic address. Specific characters frequently appear in dynamic addresses also, which further reduces the chance your website will be indexed and rated.

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