Motorcycle Tips

As was mentioned before, not all wheels are made equal and because of this, there are some wheels that are more expensive than others. Buying Harley wheels will cost you a little more than if you were to go with a cheaper manufacturer that is less known. However, while Harley is more expensive than other brands, there are a number of stores where you can get very affordable Harley wheels, if you know where to look.


Would You Ever Buy Used Motorcycle Engines?

Riding is a way of life for many but the fact is that, compared to cars, biking has a much higher fatality rate per unit of distance travelled. Make EVERY journey ~ however short ~ a safe and enjoyable one by doing everything you can to increase your safety and that of those around you.

There are a number of other things that you will need to look into before you go out and buy your custom designed motorcycle wheels and the design, the tires, and the size are some of them. Remember that when you are doing custom designed bikes, every aspect is important and motorcycle engines, handles and other parts are also essential to creating a beautiful motorcycle.

9) Maintain your headlights. If your lenses are made from polycarbonate they may turn yellow or cloudy. Remove discolouration with specialist products such as âWolgangâ or âDiamonditeâ â both available online. Dull lights, whether halogen, HID or LED headlight bulbs should be replaced at the first sign of dimness.

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