Snakes - The Difference Between Non-Venomous and Poisonous and Ways to Hinder Them

The thing to do after that is to discover out why the snake came to your area. Snakes, however, like rats and mice and other small rodents. Remember, No mice, No snakes.

A mouse can get through a hole the width of a pencil with no problem at all. High pitched noise gadgets are now becoming a popular way to discourage vermin from entering our home. Keep in mind snakes always follow their food source.

Snake Trapping - Water Moccasin

If you have actually decided that there is no alternative other than to eliminate the venomous snake the next thing to do is to either chop it in 2 with a long managed, broad bladed garden hoe. If at all possible, I still say it's finest to call the PDSA and get them to send a professional out to collect the snake. Normally they will capture it and launch it someplace far from human environment.

How do you get rid of snakes that have taken up residence on your residential or commercial property?

The legitimate fear of snakes should neither deter one from planting a garden, nor from covering the earth with some form of organic mulch; actions that encourage wildlife to visit the garden and even take up residence there. The challenge therefore, is how to make the garden as environmentally friendly as possible (that means a garden that contains a vast number and variety of organisms) while removing the danger of venomous snakes from it.

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