Sara Benincasa

Sara Benincasa (born 25 October 1980) is an American author, comedian, and actress. Born: October 25, 1980Education: 1. Warren Wilson College2. Columbia UniversityOccupation: comedian, Writer, actressYears active: 2008 till now Books:1. Great, New York:: HarperTeen, 20142. DC Trip, Culver City, California: Adaptive Books, 20153. Tim Kaine Is Your Nice Dad: A Work of Dad Fiction, … Read more

Dance off Pants off Episodes

Episode 112. Jake Sasseville interviews Charlie Todd from the New York City-based prank collective Improv Everywhere and shows a hilarious video from Improv Everywhere’s No Pants train ride. Jake learns how to pole dance on a rickshaw with Andrew Katzander and Ariel from Pole Riders… and New Yorkers actually stop and gawk. Plus: a troubled … Read more

Jack of Late Night Republic

Jake Sasseville is an American-born TV entrepreneur and businessman, philanthropist and author who considers himself a world citizen. A self-proclaimed “creator of magic” in business, he began his career as a card magician at age 14 Jake Sasseville Since the genesis of his career he has launched two late night talk shows to phenominal ratings … Read more

About Late Night Republic

“Late Night Republic,” starring Jake Sasseville, is a late-night TV talk show that shifts the last 50 years of late night into high gear. “Late Night Republic” is INclusive, rather than EXclusive. The TV show is all about contrast, social commentary, and spontaneity, discovering new and exciting music, hilarious comedy segments and authentic conversations with … Read more

What Is The Talk Show Meaning?

The term “talk show” can mean different things to different people. For some, a talk show is a platform for celebrities and other public figures to share their stories and promote their latest projects. For others, a talk show is a way to get news and information about the day’s events. And for still others, … Read more