Sara Benincasa

Sara Benincasa (born 25 October 1980) is an American author, comedian, and actress.

Born: October 25, 1980
Education: 1. Warren Wilson College
2. Columbia University
Occupation: comedian, Writer, actress
Years active: 2008 till now

1. Great, New York:: HarperTeen, 2014
2. DC Trip, Culver City, California: Adaptive Books, 2015
3. Tim Kaine Is Your Nice Dad: A Work of Dad Fiction, 2016

Sara Benincasa Nude?

Episode 111. Jake Sasseville asks comedian and author Sara Benincasa, “Do you sleep naked?” The crew tries to figure out a role for a dude named Moose. Stand-up from Jared Logan and Mike Lawrence. Jake and correspondent Dan Wilbur head to the streets of New York with the “No Petitions” Petition. Pringles Xtreme Unleash Your Inner Xtreme Video Contest clip of the week. A music video from Tigers and Monkeys featuring Fred Armisen from “Saturday Night Live.”

Original broadcast television airdate: October 16, 2010.



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